Coffee and you: Benefits and Health

Let’s admit it, coffee is amazing. It’s also amazing what it can do for our bodies.

Reduce stress

Regulars coffee can help reduce your stress and boost your mood. There is also some evidence which suggests that consumption of coffee may reduce risk of heart diseases.

More energy

Some historians say that coffee fuelled the Enlightenment. What’s without a doubt that coffees always fuel our mind, which makes us more attentive, improves our mental activities, and helps us to perform daily activities more effectively and efficiently. Many people even find that drinking coffee before a workout increases their strength and their activity in training.

Filled with nutrients

Coffee is actually filled with many different nutrients! Good quality coffee contains antioxidants and several other essential nutrients. This obviously can help with our physical wellness.

So coffee is great! But as always, it is a good idea to consume everything in moderation. With coffee, here are some negative consequences that can follow from over-consumption.

Caffeine addiction

Caffeine does have addictive properties, which could lead to increasing consumption and dependence, in which case withdrawal can lead to your body feeling tired and increased stress. Obviously there is a limit to how much coffee we should drink every day.

Sleep issues

Everyone has different bodies and for some people, drinking excessive amount can lead to unwelcome physiological reactions. Drinking coffee late in the day may also cause insomnia in some.

It goes without saying that coffee should be avoided by pregnant women and children. Furthermore, pure coffee drinks unmixed with milk such as espressos could lead to calcium loss.

Drinking coffee every day is not as harmful as you think. It all depends on your body. So listen to it and everything in moderation!

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