What is Dalgona Coffee?

Have you heard of Dalgona coffee? Over the past year it is starting to trend, as it is an interesting new drink that you can make at home.

Dalgona coffee can be made from just a few household items: even from an instant coffee packet, but the end result can still bring a café-type feeling to your home. It’s a crafting experiment that can be at the same time fun and delicious!


Is it worth the hype? Well here’s a simple recipe!

  • Take a bowl and add sugar, dried coffee, and a little water.
  • Then, whip these items in the bowl until the mixture becomes a little shiny.
  • Next, let it rest for about 1-2 minutes, making it more thick and foamy.
  • Put this aside, and take a glass or cup and fill it mostly with milk and add ice cubes if preferred.
  • Now add the mixture over the milk, and your Dalgona coffee is ready to enjoy or serve.


If you like the flavour of sweet milk and strong coffee, this is good. However, if you are looking for a healthy drink, Dalgona coffee isn’t for you, due to its high sugar content. Though it is always good for a sugar high, if you just want to get your day started, if you are feeling tired or if you are want to get some exercise done.

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