Books and Coffee

Coffee has to be one of the most frequently-consumed beverages globally, and when paired with reading, it is like heaven on earth. Books and coffee can take us away from all the negativity in the world and make us more comfortable, in a place where we can spend hours feeling relaxed.

Even for the most outgoing extraverts, it is still nice to be alone with a book after meeting people day in day out. Reading a book can take us to a world that is not ours and let us experience other people’s lives; it lets us look into a future with unexpected twists.

Most of us are glad to know that in this modern era where technology is gaining more power by the second, some people would still rather choose paper books over mobile phones or tablets.

But reading requires a lot of focus, which is what makes coffee and books a great combination

Hospitality as an experience

More and more businesses have added bookshelves to their premises. We support this trend. It helps people meet others who like to read just like them and maybe they will strike up a conversation over coffee, even creating a long-time friendship.

We’ve heard that there are even shops where books and pies are sold together and enjoyed. These ideas are now more appealing to the mind of many more booksellers who might have a more traditional approach.

In a related development, many shops have made their restaurant’s theme based on a book series, for example, that of Harry Potter. The theming could even go beyond just the decor. Some restaurants have their dishes named based on the fictional world as well!

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